Whole food. Plant based. That is all.
This is what transparency tastes like.
Real food. Real people.
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Sustain yourself

High-quality plant-based whole food ingredients. Great nutrition really is that simple. Everyone can eat NexVeg.

Tepary Beans


High protein
Sacaton, Arizona

Curly Kale

A leaf of green kale. Isolated on white.

Vitamins K, A, C
3 family farms, Arizona

Medjool Dates


Natural sweetness
Wellton, Arizona

Smoked Chile


Real flavor
Flagstaff, Arizona

Sustain our world

This is food that’s sustainable. For real. Local sourcing. Low environmental impact. Sustaining healthy people and the planet.

Real people putting NexVeg on the table

The product is versatile enough to make smash burgers, just like we make our beef burgers, enhancing our brand. We love serving this to our diners and love that we’re supporting a deep local foods network.
Bernadette Chavez, Mama Burger

I just cooked this for my tacos and I absolutely love it! It is delicious and easy to work with! Thank you so much for adding to my food options. I am so grateful.
Tempist Smith, Vegan

My gf is a pescaterian, which means that all dishes that need meat, like chili, had to be made in both vegetarian and meat versions. No longer! Your product is our new compromise. You’re bringing couples together with this food!
Michael Brubeck, Foodie

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