Great nutrition made simple


Sticking to the essentials

We don’t heavily process our ingredients to isolate its proteins from fiber or fat; we believe that undermines nutritional integrity. Instead, we lightly process a balance of whole vegetables, grains, and legumes which are rich in their own complete proteins and healthy fats.


Everyone can eat, NexVeg™ vegetable meats

USDA Claims are variety dependent

  • Healthy
  • Rich in Omega fats
  • Excellent / Good source of:
    • Complete Protein
    • Fiber
    • Vitamins C, A, and Iron
  • Zero Cholesterol
  • Low /Reduced Sodium
  • No Added Sugar

We never include:

  • Allergens: soy, gluten (wheat), dairy (milk), peanut, tree nut, eggs, fish, seafood
  • Animal products
  • Protein isolates, heavily processed or adulterated ingredients
  • GMO ingredients
  • Chemical additives or preservatives
  • Refined sugars or oils

Only the best ingredients

Plant-based and premised on local sourcing:

  • natural, wood-smoked herbs & spices
  • whole plant hemp CBD (optional)

And yes, there won’t be anything else on your ingredient labels.

Feel-good real food.

For everyone who

cares about what

they put in their bodies.

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