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All members of my family love the patties, flavor, texture, savory satisfying quality. I cook a lot and experiment with vegan recipes so I love how the patties stick together and how, unlike other similar burgers, I can mold them into balls, toppings, bolognese sauce, etc., as well as their original quality as patties. Also fabulous nutritional density and I love that they are minimally processed (unlike the beyond burger and others). Very well conceived.

I actually had a Vegetarian couple come in for 3 consecutive dinners here just because the loved the way we did the NexVeg burger and the crumbled NexVeg on the pizza. They were very happy and pleased with the quality of the product.

-JUSTIN WARNAT CCCExectutive Chef, Yavapai Lodge
Grand Canyon National Park
Delaware North Corporation

I love that NexVeg is all real, whole food ingredients! So many vegan and vegetarian foods are processed with additives and sugar or and unhealthy ingredients. NexVeg is packed with vegetables, seeds, and herbs and spices - exactly what I want! The burgers and taco mix cook up in about 8 minutes right out of the freezer. Best of all, they are deliciously flavorful and gluten-free!

I recently carried a variety pack of NexVeg on an airplane to bring it to my 25 year old son in Boise. We cooked up the NexVeg balls with a veggie stirfry and a Thai sauce and served over noodles. He was so impressed! I love how my 25 year old is looking at ingredients and giving a thumbs up because NexVeg is not processed like other non-meat alternatives. Thank you, NexVeg!


NexVeg exceeds our standards and our patrons’ values. We love it!

-DERRICK WIDMARK Founder, Diablo Burger

It is great to see better protein options being offered to people's doors. By 2029 Barclay investment bankers project that the alternative meat market will be 10% of the global market minimum. The founder creates healthy food magic!


We love NexVeg and love supporting the deep local foods network it ties us to. The product is versatile enough to make smash burgers, just like we make our beef burgers, enhancing our brand.

-BERNADETTE CHAVEZFounder, Mama Burger

The best veggie meat I've ever had. So amazing!!


Something that I really like about NexVeg is that I don't have to feel guilty after I eat it because it is so healthy. There are other substitutes that you could use that aren't good for you, whereas NexVeg is full of vegetables. You can eat it and know that you are getting all of the benefits from the vegetables but also something that's tasty!


Every time I hear the word vegan, I am always thinking, yeah it is healthy but you are losing the flavor, you are losing the taste and here, I mean, this patty was absolutely delicious. It has a good context and texture with it and flavor


Just cooked up my NexVeg for my tacos and I absolutely love it! It is delicious and easy to work with! Thank you so much for adding to my food options. I am so grateful.


"You have a pretty awesome model and it's stuck in my head as better than most that I see. And we see a lot."

-ZAC(Central Kitchen, Ohio)

NexVeg is so tasty! I made enchiladas. My meat-obsessed husband loved them and said he'd be open to incorporating a weekly vegetarian night so that we can eat more vegetables as a family. This is such a huge surprise. 

-T-Aira Jelks