NexVeg™ Hemp

NexVeg Hemp OriginalThis fatty luscious patty has 16g of plant pure complete protein per 4.0oz portion, and it’s bursting with delicious whole food flavor.  NexVeg™ Hemp  is made from pure seeds and vegetables, whole grains and spices. Unlike most veggie burgers this hemp-kernel based product contains no beans. And like all vegetable meats; NexVeg™ Hemp is as easy to form, shape and cook as any ground meat.  NexVeg™ Hemp eats great with a little char off the grill, crisped on the griddle, baked by the dozen or deep fried.  Hemp vegan meatballs have the integrity to be Protein/Carb ratio 1:2


NexVeg™ Tepary

NexVeg Tepary Smoky Southwest TacoNexVeg™ Tepary represents ingredient and processing choices that result in the most sustainable and highest quality plant-based proteins ever to be made available.  The Tepary bean is believed to be the world’s most drought tolerant legume.  It is higher in fiber and protein than most other beans, has a low glycemic index and a delicious rich nutty flavor.

NexVeg™ Tepary is based on dry-farmed, high-protein, Sonoran indigenous (CA/AZ) Tepary beans and other delicious whole legumes, whole grains, whole vegetables, natural spices and a touch of plant pure olive oil.  NexVeg™ Tepary is great baked, griddled, deep or pan fried and is highly usable as patties, balls or chopped into ground.  Protein/Carb ratio 1:3

The tepary bean has been selected from the wild species growing in the Sonoran Desert and cultivated for at least a thousand years by the Natives of the Sonoran Desert.  Purveying these beans directly from the Akimel Oodham and Tohono Oodham all purchases of NeVeg Tepary support the federally impoverished reservation lands along the Gila River, south of Phoenix Arizona.  The Tepary beans we serve are dry farmed on summer rainfall in arroyos and limited irrigation by Ramona Farms.


NexVeg™ Black bean

NexVeg Black Bean BurgerLooking for a better black bean burger? One made from real food, not allergens and isolates?  A better tasting option that’s as easy to shape and cook into any recipe as ground beef?

You’ve found it!

NexVeg is better because it’s made from the best and freshest ingredients.  It’s a light combination of non-allergen whole food plants, you already know and love.  NexVeg Black bean  is what a black bean veggie burger was meant to be.  Beans, fresh local carrots, onions, garlic, hand-squeezed lemon juice… Protein/Carb ratio 1:4

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