Why NexVeg?

Have you tried eating plant-based or vegan and failed to make the change?

Was it price, taste, convenience and/or quality that made it so challenging?


Our problem with plant-based foods today

Most plant-based products at your grocery are:

  • Mass produced from heavily processed ingredients, to market a nutrition label
  • Faking the flavors and textures of animal products, disregarding quality
  • Not supporting local farms and real food access

Are these the values you were after in eating more plant-based?


Our solution is whole food

At NexVeg, we promise to :

  • Handcraft whole-food ingredients and proudly disclose all of them
  • Make healthy plant-based cooking easy, accessible and delicious
  • Source, produce and distribute your food sustainably

Are these closer to the values you’re pursuing on your plant-based journey?

“We know of one true solution to improve our health, strengthen local communities and do no harm to our Earth. That’s making whole-food plant purity delicious, convenient and affordable.“ – Jonathan Netzky, Founder

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